Renting Party Equipment can Make or Break Your LA Bash

Planning a Los Angeles bash? If so, then you are in luck as the City of Angels offers a wide range of party rentals. The Opus Event Rentals has something to offer everyone. Whether it’s a small backyard party or a Hollywood-style event, you can’t go wrong. We’re not going to lie – diving in the world of event rentals can make you feel as if you are blindfolded and trying to get through a maze. Here’s how you can get around these murky waters (without losing your mind or blowing your budget).

Tables and Chairs are first. The first thing you might think is “boring!” You might think, “How exciting can a dinner table be?” Ah, but it’s also about the setting. Imagine this scene: elegant tablecloths over sleek surfaces, chairs that beg you to sit down because they’re so chic and scenes that make Instagram look amateurish.

Then, there’s tents. No, not the camping tents that you took with your family as children and always smelled like wet dog. The kind that whispers (or shouts) “fancy happening here!” This is perfect when LA turns up the heat.

We’ll move on to lighting, because mood lighting shouldn’t be limited to cozy dates at home. What if you could have fairy lights that twinkled like stars, creating your very own night sky? Would you like to have some snazzy leds that will transform your dancing floor into Studio 54 or maybe even some fairy lights? It is amazing how lighting can take a room from “meh”, to “wow”.

Then wait! But wait! You can think of choreographing as a dance in which every move must be perfectly coordinated. Your tables shouldn’t arrive until you know where to place them.

The customization of what? LA likes to personalize things. LA loves to personalize things.

Naturally, when you have great power it comes with great responsibility. You must not let yourself be overrun by the choices. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, it is easy to lose yourself in a rabbit hole. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of endless options and suddenly find yourself considering an ice sculpture for a summer BBQ (true story). Simple is best. Keep your choices simple.

Our dear friend sustainability is more popular than ever in LA’s party scene. Reusable dishware is better for Mother Earth and adds a little class.

Lastly, never forget the reason we have parties: to bring together people and create long-lasting memories. (No offense Snapchat). Parties rentals can help make these memories. These are tools that allow people to create a fun atmosphere where they will laugh and celebrate.

Now you know that throwing a Los Angeles event doesn’t require the same level of skill as solving quantum physics or juggling with flaming weapons. These tips will help you to throw a great party. The next time you throw a party, it might become the talk of

If all else fails, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the decision-making process, grab some twinkling lights. After all, who doesn’t like twinkly light? Take a second to consider not just what you can see, but also what lies behind.